Message From the Chair

Dear Alumnus/na,

Welcome to the launch of the Business Department’s Alumni Website!   This is an exciting time in our department and we’re pleased to share some of the highlights.

First, Jay and Lucille Chazanoff (both Class of ’65 and both Business alumni) established the first  fully endowed scholarship fund in the department.  This scholarship will help deserving students achieve their goal of getting a great business education at CSI.

We’re also involved in several projects that are helping our students and faculty move beyond the classroom.  Our internship program helps students gain “real world” experience while our new field course in Ireland helps students understand European business practices and culture.  At the same time, our faculty members are gaining insight into the world’s largest emerging market by teaching and conducting research in China.  To learn more about these activities, please see the enclosed articles.

This is just a small sample of what’s happening in our department.  We continue to be a busy place.  With over 2,000 Business majors, we’re running at full capacity day and night.  Please take a moment to review our Website where you’ll find links to our faculty and many other articles about our activities.

There are more changes in the wind.  We’ll keep you posted in future editions.   In the meantime, please stay in touch.  We’d be happy to hear how you’re doing.  Also, if you know of a job or internship opportunity for one of our grads, please let us know. It’s wonderful when one alum can open the door for another.  You can reach us at any of the faculty email addresses listed on our Website or at

Best wishes for continued success,

Thomas Tellefsen, PhD
Professor of Marketing and
Chairperson – Department of Business